World Cup

I am not a cricket player, but I am a fan of One Day cricket – especially when the Aussies are playing. But, if you had asked me in the mid-80’s what I’d thought about cricket, I would have said that it’s just about as interesting as watching paint dry! One Day cricket has changed my perception of how exciting the game can be, with its swashbuckling hitting and, very often, nail-biting finishes.

Chain reaction

Today, while searching for a patch for :gallery: (photo album software I am using for the travel photos), accidentally came upon I What really impressed me was not only the simple, no-frills look, but also the layed back tone of the posts. Furthermore, this site uses, surprise surprise, :mt:, just like mine! However, I Hope has a very personal look-and-feel to it, which is something I have yet to really master.


During tonight’s DipFM class, our lecturer got a bit sidetracked, and ended up in a lighthearted discussion of the evolution of some of the trendy abbreviations in use today. Originally we had AI (artificial intelligence) having its roots in the 1960s-70s, followed by BI (business intelligence), and then CI (competitive intelligence), with the last two more of a business flavour. What next? DI? 🙂

Chinese Lunar New Year

It’s three more days until the Chinese Lunar New Year. While it may not have much significance for non-Chinese, this is kind of a big deal for Chinese all around the world. Traditionally, all those who have travelled far away from home for work will try to get home for the Reunion Dinner that takes place on the New Year’s Eve, which happens to be this coming Friday (31 Jan). The significance of this is similar to the Christmas Eve dinner in some cultures.

I will be going back to Australia for this coming New Year as well, a well-deserved break you might say! So, things will probably get a bit quiet around here…

Destruction and morality

Currently up to the 4th book “Soul Harvest” of the Left Behind series. The Great Earthquake as foretold in the Book of Revelations has struck and huge amounts of people have been killed as a result.

At this point, it really makes you (well, me at least…) wonder what is the point of all this? I mean, why would a benevolent Christian God destroy everything that He has created in the first place (as He has done before in the story of Noah’s Ark, according to the Old Testament)?