Baby boom

The number of baby announcements among my friends (not just in Singapore) and family seems to have continued on in 2003 where they left off in 2002. So, far, I have been told of two already. Must be something in the water… 🙂


I have always believed in the maxim: Rules are made to be broken. To some, this may be a bit of a cliche�!? However, this should not be viewed in a negative fashion. I am not suggesting, for example, either a total disregard for rules, or that there are always loopholes so we just have to accept and live with that. Instead, I think we can regard the situation more positively, i.e. as an incentive for all of us to try understand the same thing in more meaningful ways. Or, in the words of one of my lecturers, “To see new things with an pair of old glasses and see old things with a pair of new glasses”. After all, it is through understanding that we can effectively ‘break’ the rules, and yet be ‘correct’ at the same time, no?

World champions!

The Final of the Cricket World Cup 2003 took place last night (local time anyway). Australia, after a magnificent batting display during their inning, reaching 359/2, came home with a well-deserved win, after they have gone through the tournament undefeated!


I guess this is one of those more contemplative days.

People would often give you the advice of ‘letting go’ or ‘moving on’, especially when something unpleasant has happened. I am not 100% convinced if this is the best. Seems to me there are so many little episodes in one’s life, and these stories will remain untold if no one strives to uphold them in the memory. Would be such a waste, wouldn’t it!? What happened to the lessons learnt, the emotions at the time of the experiences, etc., which culminate in the person we are, right here and right now?

Being alive

This evening, while roller blading along the canal nearby, a thought came into my head – as they often do… 🙄 In this day and age of plans, and milestones, and objectives, it may not be such a bad goal to aim to be a millionaire!? Or, CEO of some big company? Well, in those moments, with a cool breeze against my face, and balancing on two sets of wheels, I decided that my goal in life – as of now, at least – is to find out what it means to be alive!