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Doctor Who novels app

After quite a bit of manual data entry (and also thanks to the fans who painstakingly collected all the information prior), I have finally completed the spreadsheet for the list of Doctor Who novels. This forms the backend to Google Visualisation APIs which in turn drives an application running on App Engine.

Well, this is the end result, a list of Doctor Who novels. Next step is to introduce some HTML5 formatting to beautify this list. read more

How to retract a message in Gmail

I guess at some point in time everyone’s wished that they can retract some emails they’d accidentally sent to the wrong person or perhaps with incorrect spelling or incomplete information? Well, it just happened to me a few minutes ago. Really wish that I’d remember about this setting before sending the email!

Home NAS

Tossing up between choosing FreeNAS, Ubuntu server or Openfiler as choice of OS for my home network storage…

Asus EEE Note

Another mouth-watering development in the ebook/tablet world. This time, a new 8″ touchscreen-based LCD tablet from Asus boasting a resolution of 768X1024 (2540dpi) and feature 64 levels of greyscale. For me, the most amazing part is that the touchscreen support almost 256 levels of pressure, potentially able to replace writing with pen and paper, all for the price of US$200! Exciting times ahead indeed!

Android Honeycomb preview

Awesome is how I would describe Honeycomb, Android’s latest version designed for tablets.

Eagerly awaiting for my tablet to arrive so that I can get a taste of the Android magic… read more

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