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Release of Debian Squeeze

In stark contrast to the typical fanfare associated with Ubuntu releases, Debian 6.0 or “Squeeze” was released a couple of days ago quietly.

Debian 6.0 Squeeze released

I have been using Squeeze for the past 8 months, when it was still in the unstable branch, and before the final code freeze some time in October 2010. I must say, apart from some issues for using an existing RAID-1 array during installation and lack of video driver acceleration for my card, Squeeze has been pretty stable and fast even at that stage. While there is justification for the universal criticism of slow release cycles (and not to mention the older software versions once released), there is a lot to be said for the stability of a Debian system.

Power of opensource

For those who may still be wondering what opensource is all about, here is an interesting piece on the power of opensource in the context of Obama’s election win. Since I use opensource for both work and at home

  • OS = Linux (Debian and Ubuntu)
  • Web browser = Chrome, Firefox/Iceweasel
  • Email = Thunderbird/Icedove and (well, this is not quite opensource 🙂 ) GMail
  • Office = OpenOffice
  • Image processing = GIMP
  • Database = MySql
  • CMS = WordPress

I can certainly appreciate first-hand the versatility and comprehensiveness of opensource softwares.

If you have not done so, why not dip your hand and try something new today?

Documenting Linux

Have not been very active on this blog of mine for quite some time, opting to write more about my thoughts on tango. A case of “writers’ block”!? 🙂

Well, anyway, given that I spend reasonable amounts of time on fine-tuning my Linux system and preparations to build an “economic” Hackintosh, I will instead try to document some of the useful things I have discovered about Linux over the years – for the time being at least.

My basic system configuration is as follows: read more


Why do people choose to use Linux? To be part of the movement

Free content management softwares

I have been down that road before. I mean, even now, from time to time I still get the urge to completely replace what I have now – WordPress – with something that seems more interesting! Well, for people in the market for a content management system to manage their new websites, the folks at Linux Links have compiled the following lists which are very, very useful.

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