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10 movies

A while ago I accepted a Facebook challenge to post 10 movie titles in 10 days, no explanations. I decided to repost the movies here, with possibly some words to describe why they were selected.

1 Dead Poets Society

“O captain, my captain!” and “Carpe diem” are two phrases that many of my generation are sure to be familiar with thanks to this movie starring Robin Williams and other future stars. I watched this after the first day of high school leaving exams and absolutely loved it, and still loved it when rewatching years later. read more

Wandering Earth review

I don’t usually review movies. After seeing some of the online comments I decided ito put my dissenting voice into the mix. This was a big budget movie that came out in February 2019 and did very well in the Chinese box office. It’s also available in Netflix but I am not aware of major global cinematic release.

In a gist “wandering earth” is a movie about efforts to shift the earth through space, from our solar system to another star system in order to escape the sun going super nova. This is sci-fi so anything is possible! However this is where the sci-fi part ends, because focus of rest of the movie is decidedly on the humans and really earth takes a back seat. read more

Halt and catch fire

Just finished watching Halt and Catch Fire on Netflix, which I think is brilliant by the way. Apparently the show won’t be returning for a fifth season, so here is a nice review from Wired since I can’t write as eloquently.


When I first heard of the show, I had the impression that it was simply dramatising the events leading to the birth of Compaq (Silicon Cowboys is the actual documentary of this story that I thoroughly enjoyed too), but the series went on to explore online gaming, e-commerce (think early days of eBay), community (bulletin boards?), carrier and subscription-based networking, birth of internet, browser wars and search (Yahoo-type versus Google?). In parallel it was also a show about the human relationships between the protagonists, the start-up culture and the do-or-die fearlessness of entrepreneurship; you can have great idea or even be on the cusp of victory, everything can still crash and burn. The key is to be able to take failure in its own stride, move on and reboot. read more

Ender’s Game

So very glad the movie will be released soon! Emotionally impactful for me the first time I read it during my undergrad years ago.


Sarah Jane Smith

I have been a fan of BBC’s Doctor Who series since secondary school days – I think I started with Tom Baker’s Doctor, during ABC’s re-runs of the series!? This was long before the current revival (started in 2005). Naturally I was a little sad to learn of Elizabeth Sladen’s sudden death back in the middle of last year. Here’s a nice tribute series of videos from BBC.

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