A while ago I accepted a Facebook challenge to post 10 movie titles in 10 days, no explanations. I decided to repost the movies here, with possibly some words to describe why they were selected.

1 Dead Poets Society

“O captain, my captain!” and “Carpe diem” are two phrases that many of my generation are sure to be familiar with thanks to this movie starring Robin Williams and other future stars. I watched this after the first day of high school leaving exams and absolutely loved it, and still loved it when rewatching years later.

2 Platoon

I watched this during maybe Year 9, or 10 in high school. Although some of the anti-war messages were probably beyond our age of the time, I still recall the emotional impact as I walked out of the cinema vividly.

3 Shadowlands

This was a beautiful love story, more about hope and rebirth than the tragedy that took place. This was one of the many films I saw as a member of ANU the film society.

4 The Tango Lesson

This was really the film which started my obsession for Tango. Despite the rather artsy story line, the dancing was amazing for me at the time.

5 The Shawshank Redemption

For me, this was not only about sweetness of revenge but also remaining true to oneself despite adversity.

6 Four Weddings and a Funeral

Somewhat like Friends for many people, this film somehow always reminds me of the “innocence” and carefree-ness of university days.

7 The Breakfast Club

This is one of the many iconic 80’s films, although I suspect I actually watched a re-run on TV and not in the cinema. Looking back now, the film had an assortment of characters that are still very typical nowadays. The rebelliousness and the need to break free from discipline are feelings that I can identify with during my teenage years.

8 The Doctor

I watched this during my university. This is one of those films that gains more meaning after second or third viewing.

9 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I first watched this during the Friday night re-runs of classic Westerns, the good old days!

10 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

I am not exactly sure when I watched this but from memory I went together to the cinema with my siblings while living in Taiwan in my youth.