Today, while searching for a patch for :gallery: (photo album software I am using for the travel photos), accidentally came upon I What really impressed me was not only the simple, no-frills look, but also the layed back tone of the posts. Furthermore, this site uses, surprise surprise, :mt:, just like mine! However, I Hope has a very personal look-and-feel to it, which is something I have yet to really master.

Now, to the mini discoveries. The first, I Hop has a category called Randomness, which was something I used at one stage before changing it to Chaos.

Second coincidence. The author of I Hope mentioned one of his/her favourite songs is Say That You Love Me, by Leah Salonga. To be honest, having no clues who the singer is, I was naturally curious to hear the song for myself. Well, it IS good! As it turned out, Leah Salonga was the female lead in the musical Miss Saigon (which I managed to see in Melbourne a few years ago), and I remember being very impressed by her passionate voice at the time.

Sometimes, life is full of little coincidences like these, and I guess today is one of those days.