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Happy New Year 2003!

Happy 2003 to all of you out there!

Have not been updating this website recently. Laziness you might say? Actually, no. Tango workshops, attending friends’ weddings, and many more execuses… 🙂

After this brief period of neglect, I realise to maintain an up-to-date website, you would probably these minimum ingredients: fresh ideas, time and motivation! Failing that, I think having a deadline can do it too!


A few minutes ago, on the evening news, heard that there has been another shooting in a school in America. This comes hot on the heels of similar shootings (2 in the past week?), also in America, in the past week. I should mention that there has also been a shooting in my home town Melbourne, Australia, which has long been regarded as a ‘safe’ place. It really makes one wonder what is the world coming to? Is it so stressful to be a student? What do these cowards really know about hardships in life, and what right do they have to take away another person’s right to live? Of course, compared to the violence on the world scene, such as in Bali, Iraq, West Bank, Africa, etc., these shootings don’t seem such a big-deal after all…


Since I chanced upon the Etemenanki site shortly after the 9/11 ’01 incident that took place in New York, have been following the articles with great interest. The author of this website attempts to derive links from various events – some mainstream, some really obscure, at least outside of US – around the world, and thereby get indications of what a collective future is waiting for us.

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