Since I chanced upon the Etemenanki site shortly after the 9/11 ’01 incident that took place in New York, have been following the articles with great interest. The author of this website attempts to derive links from various events – some mainstream, some really obscure, at least outside of US – around the world, and thereby get indications of what a collective future is waiting for us.

Given that I always held the view, but in a slightly different context, that there are many ‘hidden’ connections between seemingly unrelated things, I guess I was naturally drawn to his approach. At the very least, I have learnt about Remote Viewing (as opposed to Remote Sensing, which is a mainstream field of science), aspects of Egyptian, Greek mythologies and the lost land of Atlantis, and conspiracy theories concerning Mars, crop circles, and also space explorations.

However, still undecided whether this is just more ‘conspiracy theory’-type thing or another view through a key-hole. Well, the big test will come in December.