During tonight’s DipFM class, our lecturer got a bit sidetracked, and ended up in a lighthearted discussion of the evolution of some of the trendy abbreviations in use today. Originally we had AI (artificial intelligence) having its roots in the 1960s-70s, followed by BI (business intelligence), and then CI (competitive intelligence), with the last two more of a business flavour. What next? DI? 🙂

Next came another set which was equally interesting. We have the IQ (intelligence quotient) which was once thought to be the be and end all of measures of intelligence, and the currently heavily emphasized EQ (emotional intelligence quotient). Finally here comes the most important of all: QQ = quest quotient! By the way this is precisely the reasoning behind the name to this website. The desire to know and to learn is, in my opinion, the greatest indicator for one’s “intelligence”.


Chinese Lunar New Year



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  1. yy

    A friend has suggested DI = digital intelligence, which kind of makes sense too.

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