Since I started the whole blogging business, a few days ago just had a ‘crazy’ idea of keeping track all that is happening at work using some sort of diary/logging system – in short, ideal for another blog! Actually, guess this is probably too much of an overkill, but, hey, this is the best way to learn…

So, the end result is that I have a laptop running Windows 2000 SP3, with MySQL, PHP and Nucleus, which is what I chose for my simple task this time. Hopefully this will also increase my productivity.




Some photos

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  1. yy

    As a postscript, in the end I decided to use the simple software called The Friendly Diary. This little tool had most of the functionalities I needed, e.g. search, calendar display, simple formatting, password protection, etc., except displaying entries in a blog form and allowing me to enter from anywhere as long as I am online, I might add. So, in future, it is still possible that I may return to using a blog.

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