Currently up to the 4th book “Soul Harvest” of the Left Behind series. The Great Earthquake as foretold in the Book of Revelations has struck and huge amounts of people have been killed as a result.

At this point, it really makes you (well, me at least…) wonder what is the point of all this? I mean, why would a benevolent Christian God destroy everything that He has created in the first place (as He has done before in the story of Noah’s Ark, according to the Old Testament)?

This also begs a probably blasphemous question: does the act of creation bring along with it the right to destroy. I am quite certain that in most countries (perhaps not in countries where fundamentalist religions are dominant?) that a parent does not have the legal right to have his/her children put to death. Is it not the same here? Can one really argue that God cares so much that He cannot bear to see the degeneration of his own creation? Either this is some Ultimate Love or neurotic behaviour, because it borders on extreme psychotic obsessiveness? After all, if a choice was really given (as in the concept of Free Will and many Christians will generously mention), then surely there should not be a not-so-veiled threat of eternal suffering in the form of Hell should the choice be to turn away?

Sometimes, I do wonder if it is better to put faith in an all-powerful and omnipotent God, or take your chances, as it were? Is it really so bad to have the world governed by nothing but Chance? To believe there is always someone there for you, or to force yourself towards self-reliance?

Perhaps this little quote is appropriate:

“Dear Lord,
be good to me…
The sea is so wide
and my boat is so small.”

Prayer of an Irish Fisherman