Destruction and morality

Currently up to the 4th book “Soul Harvest” of the Left Behind series. The Great Earthquake as foretold in the Book of Revelations has struck and huge amounts of people have been killed as a result.

At this point, it really makes you (well, me at least…) wonder what is the point of all this? I mean, why would a benevolent Christian God destroy everything that He has created in the first place (as He has done before in the story of Noah’s Ark, according to the Old Testament)?

Bad habits

Some time during my grad school days, I ‘accidentally’ acquired a habit of starting on a new book before finishing the previous one. Some books, not in any particular order, which have made it into this to-finish category are:

  • Art of happiness, by Dalai Lama;
  • Seven habits of highly effective people, by Stephen Covey;
  • 3:16 Bible texts illustrated, by Donald Knuth;
  • Further along the road less travelled*, by M. Scott Peck;
  • Assortment of books on chess.


Managed to take some time to go to the local library (known as the “National” Library here in Singapore, consisting of a network of regional libraries) tonight. Borrowed two books:

  • Nicolae: the rise of Anti-Christ, which is Book 3 of the Left Behind series, and
  • PHP developer’s cookbook (as recommended on a number of websites which discusses PHP).

Hopefully will have some interesting reading to do in the coming weeks, as well as learning a lot about PHP!


Roughly two months ago, while browsing through (rather aimlessly, I must admit…) searched results on Amazon, I came across a book with the title Left behind. Quite fascinated by the title, I did a bit more investigating and it turned out that this series of books has been around for quite a few years by now, and has been discussed quite regularly on some Christian websites. Here is its home on the internet.