Some time during my grad school days, I ‘accidentally’ acquired a habit of starting on a new book before finishing the previous one. Some books, not in any particular order, which have made it into this to-finish category are:

  • Art of happiness, by Dalai Lama;
  • Seven habits of highly effective people, by Stephen Covey;
  • 3:16 Bible texts illustrated, by Donald Knuth;
  • Further along the road less travelled*, by M. Scott Peck;
  • Assortment of books on chess.

The list is definitely growing! I must admit, I do enjoy reading greatly, but maybe I am just too easily distracted and all things seem too fascinating not to find out immediately!?

While on the topic of bad habits, I really detest people who always read the ending of a book first. It’s just like when you already know the ending of a movie, what is the point of sitting through the entire film, no?

* In fact it was almost 8 years after I initially picked up its predecessor, The road less travelled, that I managed to finish it, while trekking in the Annapurnas in Nepal. But that is another story which I will recount elsewhere…