Roughly two months ago, while browsing through (rather aimlessly, I must admit…) searched results on Amazon, I came across a book with the title Left behind. Quite fascinated by the title, I did a bit more investigating and it turned out that this series of books has been around for quite a few years by now, and has been discussed quite regularly on some Christian websites. Here is its home on the internet.

What is this Left-behind series about, you may ask?

Well, it describes what are known as the End Times in the Christian faith, before the return of Jesus Christ. This is a fictional account of a small group of Christian faith-holders during the period described in the Book of Revelation. Quite scary stuff there, if you have some faith in all this, which I don’t quite have at this stage in my life. Nevertheless, perhaps due to my Catholic schooling, or my curious nature, I am continually drawn back to topics like this.

While the reviews have been mixed, I am enjoying the story, after digesting the shocking events in Book 1. Anyway, have always taken the so-called reviewers’ (professional or otherwise) views with a grain of salt. I am up to Book 3 now, although, with the recent changes in the work place, I don’t know when I can find more time to start on it… Also tried to order the CD-ROM version of the series (up to Book 10) from Amazon, but it seems this is much too valuable or sensitive to be exported out of US. Go figures!