Chain reaction

Today, while searching for a patch for :gallery: (photo album software I am using for the travel photos), accidentally came upon I What really impressed me was not only the simple, no-frills look, but also the layed back tone of the posts. Furthermore, this site uses, surprise surprise, :mt:, just like mine! However, I Hope has a very personal look-and-feel to it, which is something I have yet to really master.


Since I started the whole blogging business, a few days ago just had a ‘crazy’ idea of keeping track all that is happening at work using some sort of diary/logging system – in short, ideal for another blog! Actually, guess this is probably too much of an overkill, but, hey, this is the best way to learn…

So, the end result is that I have a laptop running Windows 2000 SP3, with MySQL, PHP and Nucleus, which is what I chose for my simple task this time. Hopefully this will also increase my productivity.


Have not been tinkering with the interface too much in recent months. Seems like time to change again. 🙂

Next items on my to-do list:

  • Change of colour scheme according to the category: may not be too difficult since this has been discussed on the :mt: list before.
  • Some background pictures?
  • Short video clips of the Tango workshops, demonstrating the different styles.
  • Finally getting around to put the photo albums online? Done!


Finally succumbed to using HTML tables (despite all the negative connotations associated with them, from perspective of a design purist) because there are not enough entries on the front page (last two weeks’ worth of stuff). Still not convinced about using CSS with absolute coordinates.


Looking at the front page yyquest, barring a major facelift, starting to run out of ideas of what else to include? Writers’ block settling in?? I suppose can always include more content, but given this is more of a diary-style site, can’t make up the future, right?? Questions, and more questions…