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Apple, a name in some sense synonymous with innovations, seems to be able to continually and tirelessly churn out novel ideas. Time and again, Apple reinvents the industry with seeming ease. However, this was only possible under the leadership of none other than Steve Jobs, as we have all witnessed.

However, it does beg the question of why Apple often fails to capitalise on the advantage they have over the competition? That Apple in fact does not enjoy as big a market share as some of its “mediocre” competitors?

This article illustrates how some companies, like Apple, have flourished under the wings of other, less original but more systematic parents. The examples of Mini in the hands of BMW, or Pixar in the hands of Disney are very enlightening.

I suppose the implication is that sometimes it is good to have a loose canon or wild horse within your team, provided it can be harnessed and channeled in some way!? Perhaps some of us can see how an environment for innovations can be cultivated? And someone with a big “heart” to withstand the egos of megalomaniac geniuses at the helm?