Have you ever stopped and pondered: why it is that after a short holiday where you go off to some place, you always return feeling exhausted? I mean, the purpose of the trip is to take a break away from work/studies, no? How is it that you end up feeling even more tired than before the trip?

I must admit, from time to time, I am also, like many people, guilty of the “tiring holidays” syndrome.


I suspect, and especially when we are going to some place really far away, there is always the temptation that we must get sufficient value for money!? Subconsciously, we want to maximise what we can do in the relatively short time frame, given that we have already shelved out plenty for the airfare and what-not.

However, as I have personally experienced on my trips, it is just as important – if not more so – to stop from time to time. After all, visiting a foreign country is not just “tourist-site chasing”. It’s just as enriching to relax, sit back and just soak in the atmosphere.

So, it may do us a lot of good to take a break from our planned “break”! To have a sip of coffee at a roadside caf� somewhere and watch people go by; to chat to locals and get a better feel of the life there. After all, this is all part of the overall experiences of travelling, no? I mean, otherwise by the time you return, everything may become just a big blurred image. All that remains are just piles and piles of images of you at various landmarks. How did you get there? What were the people like? How did it sound? Etc.

Something to consider for your next trip?