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Recently saw the following quote

“Common sense faith is NOT faith, and faith is NOT common sense: they stand in relation of the natural and the spiritual, of the impulse and inspiration.

Nothing Jesus Christ ever said is common sense, it is revelation sense, and it reaches the shores where common sense fails.”

I guess it must have struck a chord with me because I felt compelled to voice out my disagreement! 🙂

Faith, after the fact, always seems natural to the believer. Before someone believes in something, there is always some nagging uncertainty. To say that faith is something grand and yet deplore people for not adopting your faith is, in my opinion, hypocritical. Basically you cannot have it both ways.


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  1. Faith

    The quote simply implies that God cannot be limited by the definition of common sense. Words cannot fully describe His nature, His glory, His Majesty. Describing the attributes of God’s greatness within the definition of common sense or to fully define Him within the confines of words…is an attempt that will fail because God is limitless and how can we fully describe God who is limitless??

    When Jesus Christ came to down to earth (btw His existence was recorded both in the Holy Bible & Quran), and He preached about God…the Pharasies and many others wouldn’t believe Him? Why? Again it is because God cannot be limited by common sense (hence the 2nd stanza of the quote).

    My Jesus Christ came into this world years ago to welcome people into God’s love and forgiveness. Therefore, I WILL NOT apologize for what I believe in.

    But because Jesus Christ came in peace, and this quote was written in love and peace…therefore with love and peace, I will apologize if this quote ‘appeared’ offensive in anyway. 🙂

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