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Dark secrets

Been following Etemenanki since the September 11 incident. Maybe, like so many other people, I wanted to make some sense of the change in the world at the time? While I have found the articles to be mostly entertaining, such as the coincidences in the Iraq conflict, the recall election won by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the recent blackouts in US, I do feel some of the links are rather far-fetched. Nevertheless, entertaining reading.

Recent readings on Etemenanki have led to some very intriguing stuff. From the Gnostic website, then to The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, which proposes some startling theory of Christian lineage (see also Holy Blood, Holy Grail).


I was watching a video CD “Samsara” this afternoon. The story (about a Tibetan monk) and setting brought back some thoughts I had during my Tibet trip about 5 years ago.

During the trip, travelling along the seemingly endless road from Nepal to Lahsa (which would have gone all the way to Shanghai, apparently), it seemed that God gave the Tibetans nothing but sun, sand and rocks. It really made me wonder how the Tibetans, as a people, managed to survive for all these years? To be able to face the hardships of their habitat, and yet remain so devout and, in many ways, docile?

Come to think of it, before Buddhism was embraced by the Tibetan kings a long time ago, the Tibetans were very ferocious warriors causing lots of problems even for the mighty Chinese empire. In fact, even during the Tang Dynasty, the Chinese emperor had to marry off his daughter to gain peace along the border. But what happened? After the Tibetans had adopted Buddhism, they seemed to have been pacified and lost all aggression it seems. read more

Common sense

Recently saw the following quote

“Common sense faith is NOT faith, and faith is NOT common sense: they stand in relation of the natural and the spiritual, of the impulse and inspiration.

Nothing Jesus Christ ever said is common sense, it is revelation sense, and it reaches the shores where common sense fails.”

Seeing is believing

Here’s a nice twist on the “Doubting Thomas” theme:

“Some things have got to be believed to be seen.”

Ralph Hodgson


Good news and bad news can occur at any time. Every day, even without stepping out of the house, many things can still happen to you. You get struck down with some terrible illness; you get lucky and win the lottery; you get an overseas call from a long-lost friend… They just happen: no prior warning, and usually no explanations.

Christians would have us believe that everything in life occurs for a reason. Everything is pre-ordained, or is it? However, call it the scientist in me?? I have always been a little skeptical. If everything has been mapped out, what joy is there to look forward to?

Then the concepts of “free will” and “choice” conveniently appear on the scene. No, it is not true that everything in life is fixed, we all have “free will”, so people say. But, if the choice is between Heaven and Hell, is the “choice” presented a real option? Or is everything in relative terms? That is, once you have accepted a particular way of life, then whatever that comes your way is by definition Good, and whoever does not live according to your adopted philosophy will not be able to receive it? In other words, one person’s Hell may be someone else’s Heaven and vice versa. read more

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