Been following Etemenanki since the September 11 incident. Maybe, like so many other people, I wanted to make some sense of the change in the world at the time? While I have found the articles to be mostly entertaining, such as the coincidences in the Iraq conflict, the recall election won by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the recent blackouts in US, I do feel some of the links are rather far-fetched. Nevertheless, entertaining reading.

Recent readings on Etemenanki have led to some very intriguing stuff. From the Gnostic website, then to The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, which proposes some startling theory of Christian lineage (see also Holy Blood, Holy Grail).

This is also how I found out about Opus Dei sect, which is an almost cult-like organisation within the Catholic church itself. There are some supposedly unbiased comments of this sect at the Opus Dei Awareness Network. Kind of scary, really. It seems even within the Catholic Church there are some very dark elements. While Opus Dei is officially the personal prelature of the Pope, many suspected that this may have been the result of the millions in donation to bail out the Catholic Church.

Finally, as a temporary end to this string of events. After finishing The Da Vinci Code then I realised that there is a wealth of enigmatic symbols in many of Da Vinci’s masterpieces. Cannot but marvel at the thoughts of the ancients. What really were on their minds? But then again, do these conspiracy theories really exist, or are people just reading too much into some private jokes??