Doctor Who – Journey's End

Just finished watchig the final episode to the current season of Doctor Who – the fourth series since the show was resurrected in 2005. Frankly, since rediscovering the show of my childhood years back in 2005, I think the Doctor Who series has been getting better and better. If anything, and perhaps as a sign of the sentimentalities of our times, we get to see a more human-like and at times temperamental Doctor as compared to the brilliant but slightly distant Doctor of the 70’s and 80’s.

The final episode, which is actually part of a 2-episode season finale and aptly titled “The final journey”, in a sense ties up many loose ends. After the hustle and bustle, everyone had someone to return to, or almost anyway. In the end, the parting of ways was almost matter-of-fact, without the emotional attachments we are more used to in previous episodes/years when Doctor’s companions left the show.

I don’t know how the rest of the audience will react, but for me, while the episode was very exciting to watch (packing in many twists and turns in an extended 60-odd-minute episode, compared to the usual 50 minutes or so), I couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss knowing that some of the familiar faces will probably never return again in the future seasons. Furthermore, there is a sense of loss for the Doctor too – portrayed brilliantly by David Tennant – who will set out on a new journey alone, yet again: the life of a traveller knowing he may be the last of his kind and yet unable to stop. For me the sadness and inevitability is best summed up in the scene when he could not say the words Rose wanted to hear, but the “humanised” Doctor could and did…


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  1. I read that he was quite keen do a Eastenders appearence! :O. do you know if this is true? There’s a bit of me that sort of hopes this is true lol.

  2. yy

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Not sure about David Tennant, but I think either Tom Baker or Sylvester McCoy appeared in an Eastenders special quite a few years ago.

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