The long-awaited WordPress 2.0 has just been released a few days ago. Seems like there will be a new toy for the new year that is on its way!

I must admit, since migrating to :wp: about 6 months ago, I have been extremely happy with the ease of administration and customization, as well as the overall speed. However, as the latest new release is supposed to be a major upgrade from the previously stable 1.5 series (some plugins are are no longer compatible) and judging from the rash of upgrade-related problems I saw in the support forum, I will be upgrading my site slowly in the coming weeks. Hopefully this can minimize any unexpected catastrophes.

Update: 10 January 2006

I am now proudly running :wp: 2.0 (already for 2 days as it is). Much of the major enhancements (in my opinion at any rate) is in the backend of this wonderful blogging tool: the streamlined administration interface, the simplification of user roles, file uploads, etc. However, the improved speed of publishing/loading is also quite noticeable. In fact, I am using far fewer plugins now compared to when I was running :wp: 1.5.x!