Had another horrendous experience with Microsoft on my PC tonight. Frankly, if it was not for the fact that most of the softwares I use are Windows-only, I would have switched over to Linux long ago…

Out of the blue – in fact, after performing a routine defragmenting of the harddisk which is highly recommended on Windows platform – suddenly I was seeing the dreaded “NTLDR missing” error upon reboot. Actually, this is not really the first time that I see this error on my current system, but not so fortunate in recovery this time around. 🙁


After checking the harddisk with the Ultimate Boot CD (kind of an extravagant name, I know… but it does contain a lot of useful recovery/rescue tools for situations like this), it seems there may be some bad sectors – though I am not totally convinced because they could have been caused by other file corruptions. Well, in any case, it seems a total reinstall is in order. Oh well, such is life in the Windows world… 😥

Update 2:

The Seagate harddisk was finally diagnosed as faulty using Seatools on UBCD. Fortunately I received a replacement within a week – still within its 5 year warranty.