Water crisis

The bathroom water heater at my new place died yesterday. Burnt out literally. Fortunately it will be replaced in the next couple of days. In the meantime, it’s back to basics as far as taking baths are concerned: one bucket of hot water, to be mixed with the cold water directly from the tap.

This reminds me very much of my trekking experience in Nepal. Being being so high up in the mountains and in the middle of nowhere, there was definitely no such luxury as tap water (especially hot water). The differences with the current mini crisis are, back then, a) the water was boiled and then carried by someone else, b) the cold water was from directly from the mountains – hence very cold!

After tonight, I have learnt a few things however. 1) I actually didn’t need as much water as I boiled, given Singapore’s warm climate (even though it has been slightly cooler for the last few days). In fact, a mixture of 1 part hot water to 4-5 parts cold water is just about right. 🙂 2) It’s surprising how little water is actually needed for a normal bath. 3) Those thermally insulated mugs people use when making a cappuccino (to froth up the milk) can come in very handily in such circumstances…


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  1. yy

    Well, after three nights of bathing the old-fashioned way (minus the burning wood and pot of water, that is), as of Saturday, life is back to its civilised state in this household…

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