Not-so-close shave

On the way home tonight, had a close shave with a passing car. Well, maybe not THAT close…

On the one hand (perhaps in a rather perverted way?), I was kind of hoping to have the opportunity to recount one of those intriguing near-death experiences. However, and very fortunately, things did not pan out that way.

What happened was that, after work, as I was crossing the road (zebra crossing, green man and all), I noticed that a car was speeding towards the junction and it was definitely coming way too fast. Being my usual highly alert self, I stopped mid-way (since the car is in next lane which is directly in front of me) to size the whole situation. To my surprise, and no doubt to the horror of the people behind me, the car hardly slowed and sped through the crossing. All this happened in front of my eyes!

Glad to be saying that I live to tell the tale, I suppose… 🙂


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  1. KITTU

    Did you note the car number?
    Did you report to the traffic police ?

    In fact, I too had a very similar encounter some 3 years ago. The junction was Pasir panjang road and Heng Mui Keng Terrace. The green man was fully-on. I was crossing towards HMKT. After a few steps, I heard a continuous blast of horn from a speeding car. I was startled and back-traced to the start. The car cut-through the red-signal and stopped screaching after a few metres (may be the driver realised I was right and he was wrong). Thanks to my alertness, I lived to tell the tale today.

    I should have noted the number. But, since I was new to Singapore, I was afraid to do it.

  2. yy

    Thanks for the concern!

    No, I did not manage to get the number of the car. It was like watching a TV-drama unfolding right in front of me, so I guess I was too stunned to react in time.

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