In case it went unnoticed, this website now provides an RSS 2.0 feed. Notice the little icon at the bottom right? 🙂 On a suggestion from Kace, I decided to try out MovableType’s RSS features over the weekend.

For the less technically-inclined, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (also known as RDF Site Summary or Resource Description Framework Site Summary), which is a standard which provides an easy way to grab content from a particular site and aggregate it into usable format on another website or weblog*. This essentially means that the contents of the past 15 entries (in my case) can be accessed directly from an XML file, minus all the formatting information present in an HTML file.

I am also providing an RSS feed of my thoughts on Argentine Tango. At present no direct link to this file yet.

* By the way, many desktop aggregators of RSS feeds (both free and non-free) are now available. I am currently trying out RSS Feeder and FeedDemon. These softwares in effect allows me to construct my own daily newspapers of the sites I follow.