As of 2pm yesterday, I have jumped on the band wagon of digital photography. I finally bought a digital camera, after much self-debate and research, not to mention some recently missed chances… 🙂

When getting a new gadget, given the pace of change in technology these days, my philosophy has always been to get the tool that is sufficient for my current and immediate future needs (and maybe future). This naturally rules out many of the latest and greatest stuff!

For a digital camera, my final choices were between the Canon A75 (3M pixels) and Canon A80 (4M pixels), taking into account the performance, amount of manual functions and of course the price. The initial favourite, the S50 (5M pixels), is just above my budget at this stage – barring some fire sale, that is. Strictly speaking, 3M pixels are sufficient for many situations, given that I also own an SLR, and by most accounts, 3M pixels are good enough to print to a maximum of A4. However, I guess I simply succumbed to the marketing hype and had to have more resolution. 😉

Well, here are some of the things I like so far:

  • Usability
    • uses 4 AA batteries – my preference over special rechargeable batteries;
    • a good and comfortable handgrip, as opposed to the Canon IXUS;
    • the LCD screen can be folded inward like the Canon G3/5 and provides more protection.
  • Photo-taking
    • focus assist light which apparently can lead to better shots in low light conditions;
    • different white balance modes;
    • a selection of the amount of compression, from little to high;
    • a selection of program modes (P, Av, Tv, etc.), not unlike those on my SLR.

I will post further experiences in future after more extensive use.