Recently, increasingly disturbed by the notion of truth, and the “how things REALLY happened” concept.

Judging from what I see in the news, whatever opinions declared by the local government here are instantly deemed to be the law and “truth set in stone”. On the other hand, both US and British administration are in deep trouble because of information-manipulation prior to the Iraq war, and the subsequent mis-handling of information flow. With meaning of events changing so rapidly, is it a wonder that one loses faith in the sources of such, official and therefore controlled, information?

These events, combined with, as an example, questions raised in the Matrix trilogy, and the intriguing novels I have read recently, really make me stop and think: how can I be so sure of the history I have learnt till now? It seems that if many of the current events can have multiple interpretations, could it not have taken place in the past? Can we then still have so much faith in what is in our history books? After all, that is only ONE version of what happened, not necessarily how it happened!?

It may be in the scientific spirit to question all that you come across, but where do we stop and draw the line? Is this when faith comes into it?

ps. Maybe all of this is the result of exam stress!? For the Dip FM course, the day of reckoning is 2 December, and a project deadline before that!