Like it or not, Matrix: the revolution is the talk of the town in Singapore, and, seemingly, the talk of many online forums around the world.

Saw it last Wednesday – the date of the world premiere in fact, although it was not intentional on my part. While the action and animation are again first-class, can’t help feeling that some loose ends still remain. Some would of course argue that this is precisely the magic of the Wachowsky brothers!? 😉

I find these comments quite refreshing after coming across some very in-depth online discussions delving into the various religious intonations of the movie, e.g. Neo = One, each of the number plate in the freeway chase sequence in Matrix II points to a specific verse in the Bible (supposedly), etc, as well as the various interpretations of actions by characters in the movie. In the end it is about free will and choice. This begs the natural follow-up question: do “heroes” have free will?

As for the plausibility of the scenarios painted in the Matrix saga, here is something done in all seriousness (and what led me to it). As usual, YMMV.