Successfully incorporated the MTPaginate module into the category archives. This means that category archives are no longer huge lists of entries but will break into pages of 6 entries each.

ps. Don’t ask me why 6?? ‘Cause it sounds good!?


Shaking off the dirt


Once and again


  1. Kace

    Nice site.. I looked at Movable Type some time back but decided against it because it is written in perl instead of php, since I didn’t want to maintain two sets of code libraries for the same site. I see you have both perl and php here so maybe it’s not an issue after all.

  2. yy

    Actually it is not as difficult as you may think. Just follow the instructions for each of the plugin’s, which are all quite well documented. As for PHP, I use it predominantly to include files, and perform some simple date manipulations.

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