While reading an article Blogger: Catch Me If You Can posted on Wired News*, happened to see a piece related to blogging. I was naturally quite keen, and, before I knew it, I was reading about a blog supposedly set up by Isabella, a rich heiress on the run from evil relatives out to get her estate! Sounds like cloak-and-dagger stuff made for novels, right?

Well, read on and judge for yourself. In fact, there is even talk of a New York literary agent interested in publishing Isabella’s adventures, real or not. However, most online observers take it for granted that Isabella’s journal is the latest in a long line of Web hoaxes.

There was also mention of a site called Where is Raed? set up by someone living in Baghdad. When he went offline in March, many had feared the worst. Seems he is back on now, see this article. Again, while there are hot debates about the authenticity of reports, at least the stories are entertaining… As a friend used to say, “Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

The internet, with the wealth of information it affords, also has plentiful of false or fictitious information. This is both the blessing and curse of the technology. Seems as if there is a totally fictitious world out there where there is no identity, no boundaries and where fact and fiction can often merge without the knowledge of the reader.

ps. Interestingly, the above article mentioned mysteries set up specifically as a marketing campaign for the movie Artificial Intelligence. Definitely worth the read!

*Wired News normally reports technology-related news and a lot of Geek-news.