Now about a third of the way into Book 10 in the Left Behind series, The Remnant. This is the last book from the ebook series that I have. By the way, Book 11, Armageddon (soon to be followed by Book 12, Glorious Appearing), has been released recently. I suppose these are probably the last ones, since we are close to the “end”!?

In the three books leading up to Book 10, we have witnessed mostly a God of “wrath”, who dishes out judgement to all who opposes Him. However, in Book 10, there is more talk of the “mercy” of God. Incidentally, this has also been on my mind as I read the last few books. Having been brought up in a Catholic secondary school, the stern God of the Old Testament is a concept that is rather foreign to me.

I hope this will be explored further in the book because it seems to me that for the last few books, the authors may have lost the plot (pardon the pun!) a little. It seems the central characters are plunging into one adventure after another. Very often, the reasons are not very obvious.