This must be the time for discontentment. Two days ago, I was reading an interesting article on SitePoint about someone’s experience in setting an ecommerce website in 2 months for USD$99. Out of curiosity, I clicked on one of the web hosting providers listed on that site. After browsing the features (and price of course), the idea of switching to a different host came into my head, and I have not been able to get rid of it since! Incidentally this is probably the only time I would admit that website ads are effective… Maybe it is part of human nature that we are all very hard to satisfy??

To be honest, although to date I have had no problems with my current host LinkSky and find the support satisfactory, I have a nagging feeling that because I did not research sufficiently when I first started that there must be cheaper service providers with similar features out there…

Well, anyway, at first the choice seemed to be PowWeb. Luckily I refrained from making a rash decision and decided to prowl about at WebHostingTalk Forums, where there was in fact a lot of conflicting chatter about different web hosts. So, much of what is there really needs to be filtered or taken with a grain of salt.

Finally, it came down to two choices: EnhancedHost and Mycen. They seemed to both have generally good impressions, known for their good support and reliability. Incidentally both of these are run by Aussies. 🙂 The final decider was the price/feature comparison.

To add another twist to the story, after making some enquiries at EnhancedHost*, it seems that :mt: may not be very web host-friendly after all! It seems that :mt: can be quite a resource hog, and this seems to be ‘common knowledge’ among various web hosts. I will investigate a bit more and decide whether to switch a a PHP-based blog such as one of the *Nuke or b2?

To bring to an end this long post, there may be some downtime to come in the near future, regardless of whether I stay with :mt: or not. Stay tuned!

*Here I need to commend EnhancedHost for their extremely fast response because I received a reply to my email enquiry within the hour – time difference of 2 hrs only, but that’s still quite good in my opinion.