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Two days ago, it was April Fools’ Day. It was also the same day that Leslie Cheung took his own life by jumping off from his 24-th level hotel room. Leslie was one of the biggest star in Hong Kong – movies and singer – throughout the 80’s.

Although never really a fan of his songs during that period, I know many in my generation who were. He was definitely one of the defining icons of that period. I only know him through his many captivating performances in movies such as Farewell, My Concubine, and I was there at his 1997 concert in Sydney. Hard to believe that he is gone now. It shows again the fragility of human life. I am sure he will be sorely missed by many.


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  1. qq

    For whatever reason/s, be it affairs of the heart/health/career, behind Leslie’s suicide, he is gone…
    hopefully for good (that it will make him feel better) …sadly for the rest who will miss him, yes, sorely…

    Local (SIN) TV stations will screen Leslie’s movies to pay tribute to this legend

    Ch. U

    – “xin ye ban ge sheng” (the phantom lover) – 5 apr
    – “da san yuan” (tristar) – 12 apr
    – “yin yu man tang” (the chinese feast) – 19 apr
    – “ah fei zheng zhuan” (days of being wild) – 26 apr

    Ch. 8

    – “bai ha mo nu chuan” (the bride with white hair) – 5 apr
    – “chiang wang” (double tap) – 6 apr

    Farewell, My Concubine…

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