Critics and demise of Apple

This is an old post that I somehow didn’t get to finish, originally written partially on 2013/4/5. Text in italics was added today.

Firstly, a bit of background. I did own the original iPhone. This was back in the days when the iPhone (the 2G-only model) was a US exclusive device. I actually ordered two when friends went to the US on a business trip. I think it was around US$6xx per unit or something and I had to go through unlock/jailbreak just to get the phones to work with Singapore SIM cards. My guess is that there were probably no more than 50 such phones in Singapore at the time. Those were the days!

I still miss the simplicity and beautiful design of iPhone – not so much the 3G(s) lines but the post-4G series. Despite improvements in Android, perhaps a change in iOS was sore needed, but the smartphone revolution really began with the iPhone and I have no doubt that iPhone is still the barometer that manufacturers are benchmarking against. Wait till when no one is talking about the iPhone/iPad family, then maybe we can start talking about death knells for Apple. read more

Redmi AC2100 router flashed with third-party firmware

This post details the steps I went through to flash Xiaomi’s Redmi AC2100 router using  a third-party firmware. There are already excellent guides out there so I won’t try to reinvent the wheel.  Instead I will focus on the differences for my circumstances where necessary. I will also list the resources that I have followed closely at the end of the post.

Although the AC2100 is neither a high end (Xiaomi has been releasing budget-friendly WiFi-6 routers since the end of 2019) nor new product, what got me initially interested in this particular wireless router was the relative ease with which people are able to flash to third-party firmwares. Contrary to some negative online reviews regarding Xiaomi’s wireless routers, I have not had any issues in using Xiaomi’s firmware in the past. My two main reasons for changing the firmware are read more

10 books

As a follow up to the 10 movies challenge, there was also a 10 books in 10 days challenge.

1 Second Foundation

This was the book that sparked my interest in the Foundation, the related Galactic Empire and Robot series by Asimov, and, I might add, my interest in science fiction in general. Looking back, I have to say that I was very fortunate to have randomly picked up this novel from my school library (around Year 9 in high school) at a time when I was still struggling with my English, having migrated to Australia some 4 years ago. read more

10 movies

A while ago I accepted a Facebook challenge to post 10 movie titles in 10 days, no explanations. I decided to repost the movies here, with possibly some words to describe why they were selected.

1 Dead Poets Society

“O captain, my captain!” and “Carpe diem” are two phrases that many of my generation are sure to be familiar with thanks to this movie starring Robin Williams and other future stars. I watched this after the first day of high school leaving exams and absolutely loved it, and still loved it when rewatching years later. read more

Wandering Earth review

I don’t usually review movies. After seeing some of the online comments I decided ito put my dissenting voice into the mix. This was a big budget movie that came out in February 2019 and did very well in the Chinese box office. It’s also available in Netflix but I am not aware of major global cinematic release.

In a gist “wandering earth” is a movie about efforts to shift the earth through space, from our solar system to another star system in order to escape the sun going super nova. This is sci-fi so anything is possible! However this is where the sci-fi part ends, because focus of rest of the movie is decidedly on the humans and really earth takes a back seat. read more

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