Early Christmas

My computer went up in smoke – literally – last night. It was definitely the first time I had seen smoke coming out of a computer case, ever! So those stories are true after all…

Have not had the time to investigate the problem yet due to my exam preparations. I guess the upside to all this is: an early Christmas present!?!? 😉

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  1. Replymay tan
    hahahahahaha...... u are too late for sitex show.
  2. Replyyy
    Quick update. The resurrection of my desktop PC is almost complete, now sporting an AMD XP 2500+ on an ASUS A7N8X-X (FSB 166MHz x 2), with 512MB DDR400 RAM.
  3. Replyyy
    As I mentioned here, I have changed yet again, to an Intel-based system.

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