See, no wires… sort of

Just finished setting up my own wireless network at home. Guess the recent upgrade has only wet my appetite for more gadgets!?

Well, after my previous system was <a href="”>unceremoniously put to rest, I had constructed a brand new system with many of the older parts either dysfunctional (the burnt up USB 2.0 card) or obsolete (my 768MB PC133 SDRAM :-(). The current system uses a better and cooler-looking case, a quieter power supply and of course a new board plus CPU. After this, the itchy fingers could not stop, I ended up trying my hand in the wireless world. Consider this my belated Christmas present to myself! 🙂

The new system uses a P4 2.66Ghz on a Gigabyte motherboard which, though not sporting the latest i865 chipset (uses i845PE instead) that supports 800MHz FSB CPUs, has integrated tonnes of goodies. The ones I am particularly happy about are: 6 USB slots, 2 firewire slots, the onboard 5.1 channel sound and IDE RAID. Additionally, there are 2 SATA channels, although off my head, can’t really think when I will make use of it.

As of tonight, I have wireless connection to the internet at large… sort of. Due to cost considerations. I decided to get an ADSL modem and wireless router separately. As a reference, modem + router + wireless adapter is comparable and in many cases cheaper than an integrated modem+router solution. This means there is still a mess of wires, but something that can be hidden away.

For the technically inclined, my 802.11b network consists of an Aztech DSL305E ADSL ethernet bridge modem, the Netgear MR814 cable/dsl wireless router (with 4-port 10/100 Mbps switch) and the Netgear MA101 wireless adapter for my desktop.

The new ethernet modem.
The wireless router that I am using.
The USB wireless adapter which connects my desktop to the wireless network.

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