Apollyon: Book 5

Just managed to finish Book 4 last night, at 3 am! By the end of Book 4, the First Trumpet has sounded and the 144000 witnesses are about to gather in Jerusalem. Simply could not resist finishing off the last pages, even though it was after a night of Tango…

The story is more interesting now, since the pace has picked up considerably. However, can not help but feel that the story as a whole seems to be losing its impact. Perhaps, we all quickly acquire a indifference to disasters/calamities when we are exposed to them for long periods. Is it fair to say that this is a ‘normal’ human behaviour? After all, even though it may sound insensitive, when we hear reports of murders/drive-by shootings enough times, do we not automatically ‘switch off’ somewhat? If this is happening to other readers, can this also be happening to those being preached to, about the End Times? Food for thought.

Have made a start on Book 5: Apollyon. I must say, having ebook that can be read on my new Sony Clie (Palm-based PDA) is a real life-saver, because I can read it while travelling to-and-from work and it takes up such little space.

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