Roughly two months ago, while browsing through (rather aimlessly, I must admit…) searched results on Amazon, I came across a book with the title Left behind. Quite fascinated by the title, I did a bit more investigating and it turned out that this series of books has been around for quite a few years by now, and has been discussed quite regularly on some Christian websites. Here is its home on the internet.


Finally, have settled on very a simple interface – in fact, currently using one of the default templates from :mt: site. One full round and then back to the start, you might say…

Making some sense

After struggling a whole day with the templates, style sheets, deciding on colours, etc., finally I am somewhat satisfied with the result – well, for the time being anyway. It is also a good thing that I have broadband connection (ADSL) now, given the number of uploads/rebuilds I have had to do today. However, still cannot figure out the differences between the ‘rusty’ and ‘trendy’ default templates which make the webpages behave differently in some subtle (but very interesting) ways?

Looking good?

Unavoidably, have started tinkering with the ‘look’ of this site, and hence fallen into the trap of ‘appearance before content’… Hope this phase will pass soon so that I can get on with the ‘real’ job! On a serious note, having a pre-imposed structure (by using a weblog) does facilitate having a well-organised web site up and running in a very short time, thus avoiding spending excessive time beautifying while the content is ignored.

New blog!

Just discovered another ‘blog’ software, which you can see here. Seems pretty cool! Originally wanted to restrict the choices to only PHP-based blogs, but then again, it seems PERL-based solutions may not be so bad either…