Glass explorer

It is now 2013. Technology seems to be advancing in an increasing pace. Even now there is already talk of 8-core in our smart phones to come out later this year. Just imagine I am typing now on a 6-core AMD-based system, which I assembled only a short 2 years ago!

Anyway here is a video of a Physics teacher exploring the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Switzerland – designed to investigate the beginning of the Universe, you know!? 🙂 Geeky as hell, but I sure would like to be in his shoes!

Camel, lion, baby

Going through the Drafts folder trying to clear out some old posts. Didn’t realise that this has been sitting there for the past 7 years!

During my “recent trip” (2005) to Europe, managed to finish another book by Liu Yong – one of my favourite Chinese authors by the way. I bought this book over 6 months ago, had started reading it soon after, but had not gotten more than halfway through the book. This time, I finished in one sitting.

This book was something of an autobiography. Main thing which impressed me was the description of the development of his philosophy of life. He started off by describing a book he once read when he was still in secondary school. The book mentioned that there existed 3 distinct stages in development of the human psyche: read more

Through eyes of children

On my way to work yesterday, while absent-mindedly looking out the train window, it suddenly hit me that despite travelling along the same route for close to two years now, it seemed like ages ago since I last paid attention to what I saw!? Too long, in fact. When did I stop seeing the crispness of morning air, or the subtle light changes as clouds moved past overhead, I wondered? When did I stop seeing things anew, fresh as if to a child? When and how did I become oblivios to the place I have been living for the past few years, even if it is not my country?

Passing of a visionary

Yesterday was a day of sad news. It was the day when I read about the death of Steve Jobs, the main creative force behind the rejuvenated Apple (since he was brought back in 1997). He doesn’t know me and I have never had the privilege to meet him in person. However, love him or hate him (and there are plenty of those people, with a passion!), his company’s products – and some would say the results of his single-minded vision – have defined and continue to define much of the consumer technological landscape of the last decade to the present day. Ask someone what is an MP3 player, you’d probably either get a blank stare or iPod as an answer. When you are used as a benchmark (say, iPhone, iTunes, iPad) by all your competitors, you are on to something surely!?

Here is Jobs at the famous Stanford commencement address. As some people have commented, his passing – at such a young age too, I might add – seems to have triggered some form of self-examination: have we done enough with our god-given talents, with our lives?

Riots and human dignity

We can probably analyse to death the social causes for the riots going on in Britain. However, personally I think there are no excuses for the disgrace taking place right now. Maybe there are lots of repressed frustrations, inequalities, blah-blah-blah…, at the end of the day each one of us needs to answer to our own actions – are we fighting for a cause or just satisfying our impulse for destruction and greed?

I am utterly impressed by the brave actions of this lady – seeing that innocent by-standers have been robbed or beaten up during the past few days of riots too.