Yesterday was a day of sad news. It was the day when I read about the death of Steve Jobs, the main creative force behind the rejuvenated Apple (since he was brought back in 1997). He doesn’t know me and I have never had the privilege to meet him in person. However, love him or hate him (and there are plenty of those people, with a passion!), his company’s products – and some would say the results of his single-minded vision – have defined and continue to define much of the consumer technological landscape of the last decade to the present day. Ask someone what is an MP3 player, you’d probably either get a blank stare or iPod as an answer. When you are used as a benchmark (say, iPhone, iTunes, iPad) by all your competitors, you are on to something surely!?

Here is Jobs at the famous Stanford commencement address. As some people have commented, his passing – at such a young age too, I might add – seems to have triggered some form of self-examination: have we done enough with our god-given talents, with our lives?

Rest in peace, Steve.