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Still around

For the past few months, work has been pretty busy. Well, being tired and stressed is a combination that is certain to kill off any creative juices… 😉

Anyway, as a result of needing to rapidly put together a simple web portal and web application, I have had to scour the internet for inspirations. The fortuitous by-product of this process is that I have managed to find many websites which carry (and good quality) free templates (for WordPress or otherwise). To cut a long story short, after sticking with fUnique theme on this blog for the past few, dormant months, I have switched to something simple and elegant – Moo-Point. This is based on Sandbox, which according to its author, is

… a theme for themers. It has the ability to be easily skinned… More experienced designers will drool at the rich semantic markup and profusion of classes, dynamically generated by a few functions. read more

Great design resources

Baking cake: beginning CakePHP

Recently, as a result of a project at work, suddenly found myself needing to develop a PHP web application in quick time! This is kind of cool since I have always wanted to do more with PHP but have not found the time or a nice project to work on. I have subsequently discovered a RAD (rapid application development) framework known as CakePHP, which uses the MVC (model-view-controller) design pattern. In case you are not familiar with the concept of MVC – like I was 🙂 – here is a concise illustration of how the MVC pattern works. After following some of the online tutorials I found, I think the MVC pattern and CakePHP (with its active development community) are both excellent tools for developing PHP applications.

Here is a draft of a new book on CakePHP aiming at newbies, with its associated forum.

ps. Mambo has just announced that they will switch over to the CakePHP framework for their next release.

When not to use AJAX

Something different for a change. AJAX is a nice tool to have under your belt, but the question is: is it always necessary? Just as in the early 90s, animated gifs were everywhere – some cool effects too – but they can get a touch boring when over-used. Well, here are some occasions where you should not use AJAX. Very enlightening. By the way, there is also a nice list of tutorials at the end of the article.

Livecanlendar fix

Just “rediscovered” the WordPress plugin called Livecalendar. This is a drop-in replacement for WordPress’ in-built calendar. Livecalendar is a cool AJAX-ified plugin for :wp: and allows for calendar navigation without refreshing the entire page. Note that for the current version (v. 1.8.5) there is a small bug which prevents it from displaying the links correctly when you have installed WordPress in a subdirectory while your blog is placed in the root instead (i.e. when WordPress address and Blog address of the General Options are different). However here is a well-documented fix for it for those who may need it!

* I had actually used this plugin before but decided it was just too slow for me at the time, but everything seems OK for now.

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