For the past few months, work has been pretty busy. Well, being tired and stressed is a combination that is certain to kill off any creative juices… 😉

Anyway, as a result of needing to rapidly put together a simple web portal and web application, I have had to scour the internet for inspirations. The fortuitous by-product of this process is that I have managed to find many websites which carry (and good quality) free templates (for WordPress or otherwise). To cut a long story short, after sticking with fUnique theme on this blog for the past few, dormant months, I have switched to something simple and elegant – Moo-Point. This is based on Sandbox, which according to its author, is

… a theme for themers. It has the ability to be easily skinned… More experienced designers will drool at the rich semantic markup and profusion of classes, dynamically generated by a few functions.

Incidentally, the Barthelme theme which I have been happily using for my Tango Blog was created by the author of Sandbox. As far as customisations go, I have so far implemented the slick Javascript drop-down box from IAMWW w2 DnD theme and also added some automated features by pulling my bookmarks from, an example can be seen here (obselete