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Google mail

I have been using Gmail for quite a few years now. In fact, for some email accounts, I almost never access my mails using a desktop mail client anymore. While initially skeptical of Google’s choice of using labels instead of folders, I am a convert by now and trust the search service to do its work.

Here is a couple of tips that can enhance your Gmail experience.

By the way, if you are interested to find out more about Google technologies and are in Singapore, please drop by the official Singapore Google Technologies Users Group.

Free content management softwares

I have been down that road before. I mean, even now, from time to time I still get the urge to completely replace what I have now – WordPress – with something that seems more interesting! Well, for people in the market for a content management system to manage their new websites, the folks at Linux Links have compiled the following lists which are very, very useful.

Google code

I have often wondered what it would be like to participate in an open-source project but felt uneasy because of a lack of confidence in my programming skills. Well, after some discussions with another team member from Donorweb to open-source some of our past work, here is my first project that is hosted on Google Code. Hopefully by announcing it here, I will be “forced” to keep putting in some effort into the project. I hope that it will be useful to the community at large.

More web resources

There is a mention of two exhaustive free tools for web developers over at OSTATIC – although strictly speaking I would categorise them as resources but that’s just being anal… :-). There are tonnes of useful tutorials that are very worthwhile to check out. By the way, W3 Schools has been my first point of reference for any HTML- and CSS-related questions to do with syntax and options for a long time.

  1. Opera Web Standards Curriculum.
  2. W3 Schools.

However, after reading about it from a non-technical person who managed to pick up enough to start working on site development (an amazing story in itself in my opinion), I think I will add the Yahoo! User Interface Library and in particular the YUI CSS Grid Builder. It’s fantastic for doing a quick layout of websites.

Internet stardom

This guy is simply amazing!

Imagine if you were to be sponsored to travel across the globe AND to be able to do a geeky dance? Well, the result is the following video. Apparently, a third expenses-paid video has also been completed.

ps. Here is a bit more background information as reported on Australia’s The Sydney Morning Herald.

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