Return of the King

One and a half hour to go, and counting. Just hope that I will be able to concentrate fully, with no dinner and sleepiness lurking in the background. 😀

Well, anyway, I will be able to get a good rest tomorrow night, as I will be on the plane back to Melbourne for a short break. This may also mean a short hiatus* from blogging…

* Could not resist not using this word, as I have seen it used more than once on other websites in the same context. :p

Lord of the Rings

The final episode of the Lord of the Rings trilogy will open in cinemas across Singapore tomorrow. Also, I heard that there is supposed to be a movie marathon today, running from 9am to 9pm, where some cinemas will show all three of the Lord of the Rings movies in one go! Quite tempting… 🙂

Anyway, did not manage to finish the second episode over the weekend, but looking forward to episode 3 tomorrow night nevertheless.

Rainy Sunday

November and December have been traditionally the wetter months in Singapore. Today has been one of those typical days, a persistent drizzle throughout the day. Slightly annoying if you were planning to be outside or doing your laundry, but otherwise pleasant because of the cool breeze and lower humidity.

Guess people have many different ways of passing the time on such rainy Sunday days? Well, I took the opportunity to enjoy Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring on DVD this afternoon, while sipping on a nice cup of coffee… Also, this was in preparation for the premiere of the final episode pf this epic trilogy in Singapore this coming Thursday. There is just the second DVD, The Two Towers, to go!

The final Matrix

Like it or not, Matrix: the revolution is the talk of the town in Singapore, and, seemingly, the talk of many online forums around the world.

Saw it last Wednesday – the date of the world premiere in fact, although it was not intentional on my part. While the action and animation are again first-class, can’t help feeling that some loose ends still remain. Some would of course argue that this is precisely the magic of the Wachowsky brothers!? 😉


Saw this short documentary-style TV program on Channel 8 last night. Actually the TV was just left on after the News program, and in fact it was not even something I’d normally follow. The TV program was about the struggles of a young Singaporean man, 30 years of age, an aspiring amateur song-writer but also full-time cobbler,  and how he finally succeeded in finding his purpose for living.

There was a few things which I found to be quite remarkable.

The young man in the program mentioned that he used to loathe the weekend family gatherings (looked like a big family) because it was very noisy and seemed utterly pointless to him at the time. Now, he treasures every moment, because like he said: you never know how much longer such times or people will last for, after all. He also made a discovery while learning the craft of cobbling from his father. His father makes the best use of his limited tools and skills, yet he is always complaining the lack of this or that. Finally the most important realisation he came to, while sitting there watching his father work as pedestrians walk past them along the busy Orchard Rd (one of the premiere shopping streets in Singapore), is that he is willing to do anything. There is nothing that is too humbling or too humiliating for him to do, if the opportunity comes up. He is both happy and comfortable with himself. I really admire his courage and conviction. read more