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Just created a Technorati profile on the Technorati website. In case you did not know this, Technorati is probably one of the largest – if not THE single largest – resource about weblogs in existence.

I wonder if this can have any impact on the amount of traffic to my site??

New photo gallery

The people who made Gallery, a wonderful piece of free photo album that I have been using for the past two years, have, along with a new funky Drupal-based website, just released Gallery 2. This is a much improved version which I have installed since last night, which you can see at the Photos. Well done, guys!

New photos

Photos from my recent Japan trip are finally on line! Accounts from this trip will also be up on my travels page shortly – once I find the time to edit the brief notes I had written along the way… 🙂

Domain name server change

As of one-and-half hour ago, the Domain Name Servers have been modified to point to my new web hosting company’s servers. This is the final step in the site migration.

Now, we wait… 🙂

Host hunting

EnhancedHost, the webhosting company that I have been with for the past two years, was recently sold to another, larger company. That and the fact that there seems to be more and more hosting companies out there which provide much more web space than my current plan and at comparable cost – which is quite perplexing – which got me started on looking for a new hosting company to host my site. By the way, I am currently only using about 300MB of my allotted 600MB but I do expect to upload more higher-res photos in the near future.

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