EnhancedHost, the webhosting company that I have been with for the past two years, was recently sold to another, larger company. That and the fact that there seems to be more and more hosting companies out there which provide much more web space than my current plan and at comparable cost – which is quite perplexing – which got me started on looking for a new hosting company to host my site. By the way, I am currently only using about 300MB of my allotted 600MB but I do expect to upload more higher-res photos in the near future.

My search has narrowed down to three hosts finally:

All seems to have overwhelmingly good comments on the webhostingtalk forum, compared to other providers about whom I saw recommendations for (from various websites I frequent), e.g. Powweb and Globat, but a bit more research inevitably led to comments by disgruntled customers, complaining about the level of customer service or lack of performance due to suspected overselling.

By the way, the packages range from US$5-US$8, for total storage of 1-3GB and ~50GB bandwidth, with similar bells and whistles. At presently, storage for the bucks is of a higher priority for me. So, will most probably settle on a new host before the end of this month.