Search broken

Just realised (as of last night) that the search form is actually broken. Who knows, maybe has not been working since I upgraded to v2.63? Will try to resolve it during this weekend. There should not be any problem with the underlying MySQL database, since in editing mode, search is possible.

Rain or shine?

Added in some real-time weather information on the front page. Implemented in PHP, this was based on the code from cruelacid, with the data pulled from Intercept Vector. Incidentally, there was already an MT plugin which pulled figures from the same Intercept Vector site, as I later discovered after searching on the :mt: Forum. However, it did not suit my needs, hence I needed to make my own modifications. That’s the beauty of using Open Source stuff!

ps. No longer applicable as I am now using :wp: (8/12/2005).

Some photos

The link to :myphotos: is finally active! What remains to be done is to include the captions and short summaries of the various trips. Currently this part contains photos which were scanned a while back. Hopefully, I will have more time to enlarge the online collection in the near future.