Since about mid-2016, my life has been turned upside down, life changes, job changes, everything coming all at once. Now that the dust has more or less settled, it seems a good time as any to reboot this blog.

A new chapter, begun mid-2017, is slowly taking shape.

Google code

I have often wondered what it would be like to participate in an open-source project but felt uneasy because of a lack of confidence in my programming skills. Well, after some discussions with another team member from Donorweb to open-source some of our past work, here is my first project that is hosted on Google Code. Hopefully by announcing it here, I will be “forced” to keep putting in some effort into the project. I hope that it will be useful to the community at large.

New WordPress!

Hot off the press!

The lastest release of WordPress, the blogging software that is used on this site, has just been released. Once again, the dev team has done a wonderful job and they have even provided a brief video tour of the new features. Cool!

In case you were wondering, I am already on to it!

Still around

For the past few months, work has been pretty busy. Well, being tired and stressed is a combination that is certain to kill off any creative juices… 😉

Anyway, as a result of needing to rapidly put together a simple web portal and web application, I have had to scour the internet for inspirations. The fortuitous by-product of this process is that I have managed to find many websites which carry (and good quality) free templates (for WordPress or otherwise). To cut a long story short, after sticking with fUnique theme on this blog for the past few, dormant months, I have switched to something simple and elegant – Moo-Point. This is based on Sandbox, which according to its author, is

… a theme for themers. It has the ability to be easily skinned… More experienced designers will drool at the rich semantic markup and profusion of classes, dynamically generated by a few functions.

Incidentally, the Barthelme theme which I have been happily using for my Tango Blog was created by the author of Sandbox. As far as customisations go, I have so far implemented the slick Javascript drop-down box from IAMWW w2 DnD theme and also added some automated features by pulling my bookmarks from, an example can be seen here (obselete

Site revamp

Currently in the middle of a site revamp so things will get slightly messy around here. Hope to have things back in order by the end of this weekend.